Kenneth A. Krackow, MD, Orthopaedic Research Laboratory

Mark Ehrensberger, PhD, at the Kenneth A. Krackow, MD, Orthopaedic Research Laboratory.

Mark Ehrensberger, PhD, directs our Kenneth A. Krackow, MD, Orthopaedic Research Laboratory, a state-of-the-art facility where multidisciplinary researchers engage in experimental design, engineering analysis and clinical applications. 

We are a multifunctional research facility dedicated to the advancement of orthopaedic basic science principles and methodologies.

In the Kenneth A. Krackow, MD, Orthopaedic Research Laboratory, our research efforts are focused primarily in the areas of metallic orthopaedic biomaterials and applied orthopaedic biomechanics.  

Our metallic orthopaedic biomaterials research involves characterization and engineering of the biological and electrochemical interactions at the surface of metallic implants.

Our applied orthopaedic biomechanics research involves the development and implementation of novel test methods for the mechanical evaluation of orthopaedic and sports medicine devices and procedures.

Trainee Opportunities

Second-year trainees in the orthopaedic residency undertake a research rotation that provides opportunities to embark on exciting projects in our lab.

Current Research Projects

Our current projects include:

Resoures and Equipment

Our laboratory houses a wide variety of standard laboratory equipment, customized test systems and specialized facilities. 

Our biomechanics infrastructure includes:

  • dissection suite with microsurgery station and mini c-arm fluoroscopy
  • machine shop for fabrication of custom test devices and systems
  • MTS 858 Mini Bionix servo-hydraulic load frame
  • Bose 3200 electromagnetic load frame
  • Tekscan thin film pressure mapping system
  • Optotrak 3020 motion capture system
  • Orthopaedic rotational cutter analysis system
  • handheld instrumented reaming system
  • glenoid rocking-horse loosening test system
  • variety of grips, fixtures, sensors, and custom test systems

Our biomaterials infrastructure includes:

  • eukaryotic cell culture facility
  • microbiological lab facility
  • metallographic sample preparation equipment
  • electronics design, simulation and prototyping equipment
  • Gamry 16 channel multEchem potentiostat system
  • CH Instruments 920D Scanning electrochemical microscopy
  • Zeiss Axio Examiner Z1 fixed-stage, upright, epi-fluorescence microscope
  • electrochemically-controlled, live-cell microscopy system
  • variety of custom test chambers and systems to characterize the electrochemical properties and biocompatibility of metallic biomaterials 


449 Biomedical Research Building
Buffalo, NY 14214


Director, Krackow Orthopaedic Research Laboratory

Ehrensberger, Mark

Mark Ehrensberger, PhD

Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering

445 Biomedical Research Building 3435 Main Street University at Buffalo Buffalo, NY 14214

Phone: (716) 829-3944; Fax: (716) 829-6045


Faculty and Staff

  • Craig Howard, research scientist
  • Menachem Tobias, research scientist
  • Jenna Ferrentino, staff assistant of orthopaedics