Research and Scholarship

Albert Thomas MD; Lovejit Kaur MD.

Albert Thomas, MD, and Lovejit Kaur, MD, speak during the Department of Psychiatry Pharmaceutical Symposium, one of many collaborative opportunities offered to our fellows.

Research skills form a key component of a successful, responsive clinical practice as well as founding any academic career. To help you maximize these skills, our program mentors you through a required research seminar and research project during your fellowship.

Clinical activities, like other human activities, make appropriate subjects for study in their own right. Objectively evaluating clinical activities and outcomes builds skills in systematic observation and the critical analysis of both data and theory.

Research Project

In your first year, we will match you with a research preceptor who will help you develop a project to carry out by the end of your second year. In your second year, you may select a separate research mentor to shepherd you through your project’s completion.

You may design an independent project or collaborate on research ongoing in our department. In the latter case, you will be actively involved in planning, design, data collection and analysis.

Research Seminar

We offer an annual required seminar in research and critical thinking skills. The seminar introduces you to research design, methods—including semi-structured interviews and other objective tools commonly used in our field—and data analysis.