Our two-year fellowship prepares you to practice as a highly competent, ethical, resourceful clinical child and adolescent psychiatrist.

We regard the doctor-patient relationship as central to all healing. Our program follows a systemic, biopsychosocial approach, integrating intensive training in your psychotherapeutic skills with children and their families alongside a strong foundation in psychopharmacology and the neurosciences.

We combine technical expertise with a compassionate perspective on the complex interactions of children’s physical health, mental well-being and social context.

Year 1

Clinical Rotations
Name of Rotation Length of Rotation
Acute Adolescent Inpatient Services Four months
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic One afternoon per week for 12 months
Intermediate Length of Stay Inpatient Services Four months
Pediatric Consultation-Liaison Four months

In your first year, you will have three major clinical rotations: four months each on an acute adolescent inpatient unit, a pediatric consultation-liaison service, and an intermediate length-of-stay inpatient unit. You will also take on ongoing outpatient cases one half a day per week, to get longitudinal experience with patients during your training.

Year 2

Clinical Rotations
Name of Rotation Length of Rotation
Autism Clinic Two or three clinics per year
CAMPS Team - Child and Adolescent Mobile Psychiatric Services Two or more days
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic Three half days per week for 12 months
Day Treatment Two half days per week for four months
Developmental Disabilities Clinic One half day per week for 12 months
Forensic/Community Systems Consultation One day per week for four months
Pediatric Neurology One half day per week four months
School Consultation Clinic
One half day per week for four months
TEMPO Clinic - Treatment for the Effective Management of Pediatric OCD Two or more afternoons

Your second year is comprised of 75 percent outpatient clinic time at the Women and Children's Children's Psychiatry Clinic interspersed with assignments to multiple, time-limited subspecialty experiences — typically one half-day per week for four months each.


In addition to your clinical rotations, you will take didactic seminars in both years of training. Our didactic components cover a wide range of topics within the field, using case presentations, role-playing and material from popular culture as well as lectures, readings and discussions. Conferences and rounds keep you in touch with current issues in national conversations and at our local clinical sites.


Throughout your fellowship, you’ll receive several hours each week of personal, individualized, clinically based supervision. You’ll have regularly scheduled meetings with your rotation supervisor, individual caseload supervision and psychotherapy supervision in multiple therapy modalities. In designing and carrying out your research project, you’ll also work closely with one or more research mentors.

Your caseload and psychotherapy supervisors will give you practical written feedback every four to six months, and your rotation supervisors will provide it at the midpoint and end of each rotation.

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