Pediatric Collaborative Care Clinic

In this rotation, you will have the opportunity to work with many children and families earlier in the course of their challenges.

This rotation is set in two of the largest local pediatric primary care offices in the region, through the IntegratedCare for Kids (InCK) program within the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Working primarily with a child and adolescent psychiatrist, you will be directly supervised in psychiatric consultation, education, and treatment and disposition planning to our pediatric colleagues. This will allow you to improve your knowledge, skills and comfort in actively collaborating with pediatric primary care clinicians in integrated care settings.

You will be exposed to the gamut of child and adolescent psychopathology but also have the opportunity to work with many children and families earlier on in the course of their challenges. You will have increasing autonomy, seeing and following your own panel of patients as you progress through the rotation.

We place a significant emphasis on psychoeducation and family guidance as well as training and education with our pediatric colleagues. You will experience the gratification of working with patients earlier on in pathology as well as helping primary care clinicians improve their skills in providing quality mental health care.

You also will be involved in other collaborative care projects surrounding the program and will participate in educational programming for our primary care colleagues. You will contribute to the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry for Primary Care (CAP-PC) program’s quarterly newsletter distributed to pediatric primary care clinicians throughout New York State.

You will have the option of spending an afternoon with the department’s Access to Psychiatrists through Intermediate Care (APIC) program, providing support and services to children with autism spectrum disorder and their families, centered in the community.

You also may be involved in quality improvement and research projects related to population mental health monitoring and other aspects of the collaborative care program.


Residents schedule two to four patients during this clinic.

Rotation Details

  • Year 2 rotation
  • One half day per week for four months

Clinical Sites

Tonawanda Pediatrics
Northwoods Medical Center
3950 E. Robinson Road
Suite 205
West Amherst, NY 14228

Delaware Pediatrics
2550 Delaware Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14216

Faculty and Staff

  • one child and adolescent psychiatrist — all cases receive direct supervision

Patient Population

  • children and adolescents ages 4 to 21 from throughout the Western New York region and across a broad range of the socioeconomic spectrum