Core Topics in Forensic Psychiatry Seminar

Our comprehensive lectures deepen your knowledge of criminal and civil forensic issues and correctional practice.

We’ve designed our core topics lectures to help strengthen your understanding of the complex areas that will be central to your work as a forensic psychiatrist. 

Our faculty, as well as psychiatrists from other divisions within the department, lead the lectures and tailor the content to ensure you are exposed to the most up-to-date information.

We also invite other guest speakers — including psychologists and attorneys — to lecture, enabling you to expand your perspectives and glean expertise from seasoned practitioners.

You can expect us to engage you in talks on topics including: 

  • competency to stand trial
  • fitness for duty
  • malingering
  • terrorism
  • paraphilias and sex offender treatment
  • liability and malpractice
  • sentencing
  • criminal law and criminal procedure
  • the death penalty
  • tort law
  • criminal responsibility
  • confessions
  • special considerations for incarcerated individuals

Wide Breadth of Coverage

To ensure that you receive thorough training, we also cover topics in child and adolescent forensic psychiatry.

We will help familiarize you with the juvenile justice system and prepare you with information about family court.

Our lectures also expose you to:

  • psychological testing
  • report writing
  • expert witness testimony