Mock Trial

Learn about the complexities of the courtroom and become more effective at delivering expert testimony.

Our mock trial didactic will help you develop the court testimony skills you’ll need to deliver objective evaluations for retaining institutions, attorneys or courts.

As a fellow in our program, you’ll have the opportunity to either:

  • participate in a civil record-review case
  • observe a videotaped interview of a defendant undergoing an evaluation to determine criminal responsibility

Our training also gives you experience writing reports, and you will learn to prepare and deliver testimony on direct and cross examination.

Gain Insight from Lawyers, Law Students

You’ll work with law students and lawyers during our mock trial didactic. Their feedback and assistance will help you feel confident when you’re applying your psychiatric knowledge to questions posed by the legal system. 

Along with our faculty, these law professionals can:

  • clarify legal documents and terms
  • answer questions about trial procedures
  • advise you on the nuances of courtroom decorum