PsychSIGN Buffalo

Students in any year can participate in PsychSIGN Buffalo, a club that gives you an opportunity to interact with psychiatry faculty in friendly, informal settings.

PsychSIGN Buffalo is the preclinical organization for medical students with an interest in psychiatry. A student-run club, this organization gives you opportunities to meet specialists in the field, learn about residency training and enhance your understanding of the treatment of patients with psychiatric disorders.

Meetings take place at least twice a semester and include lunchtime discussions with subspecialists or residents-in-training and “Dinner with Docs” at faculty members’ homes.

Members may also attend the department's Psychiatry Film Festival, where students, residents and faculty watch and discuss films of psychiatric interest.

In addition, you’ll have opportunities to shadow psychiatrists in clinical settings or be mentored by our faculty.

Get Involved

Faculty Moderator

Hernandez, Sergio

Sergio Hernandez, MD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry; Medical Student Education Director

Erie County Medical Center Department of Psychiatry 462 Grider St. Buffalo, NY 14215

Phone: (716) 898-5896; Fax: (716) 898-4538