Our faculty believe strongly in supporting students’ interests in conducting research during their training.

We offer fourth-year medical students opportunities to research psychiatric topics that interest them, present their findings and teach that material to second-year students. As one of your electives, you can take PTY 950 Research in Psychiatry and work closely with one of our dedicated, accomplished faculty.

PTY 950 Research in Psychiatry, 4 credits

The goal is to introduce the student to one or several varieties of basic and clinical research and educational research approaches currently being used by departmental faculty members. 

The student’s experiences will vary with the specific project and faculty member. In general, the student will become directly involved on a continuing basis in a research project under the supervision of the faculty member. Depending on the project, activities may include one or more of the following elements: development of the rationale of the research; literature reviews; design of the study; data collection, reduction, and analysis; interpretation of results; preparation of a written report.

Upon completion, the students should have acquired facility in planning, executing and integrating research relevant to psychiatry. In most cases, this will enable him or her to be a useful junior member of a research team. He or she should also have acquired an appreciation of the conceptual and technical complexity of rigorous research endeavors in areas of concern to psychiatry. Also open to freshman and sophomore medical students.

Prior to registering for a research elective, students will need to meet with Dr. Milling regarding project and work with the department to find a faculty mentor. Students should discuss project ideas with their mentor and provide a short description of the research they would like to conduct during the elective. Students will then take this description to the department chair and/or course director for approval. After obtaining approval, students will complete a drop/add form, working with the appropriate department/course coordinators and send the completed form to the registrar in order to register for the research elective.

MS3 must contact the course coordinator to add through an add/drop form after registration.

Prerequisite: MS4 or MS3 with successful completion of PTY 700

Modules: A-K  Blocks: 2-4

Number of students: 8

Course Coordinator: Leanne Hatswell