Doctoral Psychology Internship

Alex Cogswell.

Alex Cogswell, PhD, training director.

Our psychology doctoral internship program, supported by the Patrick Lee Foundation, provides you with a one-year, full-time training opportunity that allows you to transition between doctoral study and your chosen career.

Our program offers the capstone experience in doctoral psychology. We are accredited, on contingency, through the American Psychological Association.

We give you in-depth clinical training with a developmental focus on serious mental illness. Our internship has three main goals:

  1. Prepare you for a career as a psychologist in a variety of academic, clinical and research settings in both the public and private sectors.
  2. Provide you with the foundation to become an expert in understanding and treating mental illnesses, including psychotic, affective and anxiety disorders.
  3. Provide you with advanced training in assessment, diagnosis and evaluation, as well as exposure to numerous intervention and treatment modalities.
  • 10/9/18
    Our internship program — designed on the practitioner-scholar model — gives you a smooth transition from doctoral study to your chosen career.
  • 10/6/20
    You will work closely with attending psychologists and/or psychiatrists who provide expert clinical and administrative supervision.
  • 10/12/18
    Our interns have year-long responsibilities in the Children’s Psychiatry Clinic, the NAVIGATE program and Erie County Medical Center’s psychiatric inpatient program.
  • 1/30/20
    Our psychologists, supervisors, teachers, administrators, clinicians, and researchers all contribute to and are active participants within the internship program.
  • 8/17/21
    We can accept two interns into our program each year.
  • 8/17/21
    Two interns will complete the program over 12 months on a full-time (40 hours/week) basis.  The internship year will run from July 1 to June 30 of the following year.
  • 9/15/21
    Date Program Tables are updated:   September 1, 2021

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Training Director

Cogswell, Alex

Alex Cogswell, PhD

Associate Professor / Training Director of Psychology Doctoral Internship

The Childrenā€˜s Psychiatry Clinic 1028 Main Street Buffalo, NY 14202

Phone: (716) 859-5454; Fax: 716 859-5585


Program Administrator

Julie L. Mikula

Program Administrator

Erie County Medical Center, 462 Grider Street, Buffalo, NY 14215

Phone: (716) 898-3597; Fax: (716) 898-4538