Research Track

Carry out independent research during your residency under the guidance of our dedicated, experienced faculty.

Your coursework will give you experience interpreting pharmaceutical studies and conducting psychiatric research. If you have a strong interest in a research career, you may also apply to our research track.

This track gives you access to workshops on grant writing, monthly research didactics and journal club meetings as well as a monthly forum where graduate students, residents and faculty present their research.

We will work with you to incorporate research into your schedule—up to half-time with your clinical rotations and seminars.

Applying to the Research Track

To apply to this track, compile the following in a single document and email it to the program director:

  • A 150 to 200 word statement outlining your specific interests in psychiatric research. If you wish to work with a specific research mentor, include this information.
  • A list of your research experience. Include all experience, whether during college, medical school or residency. Name the institution where the research occurred and the primary faculty member directing it. In two to three sentences, describe the project’s nature and aims as well as your responsibilities and the length of time you were involved.
  • A description of any formal coursework or other training in research.
  • A list of any posters or papers you have co-authored. Attach the posters or papers to the email as well.

You should apply to the research track by the end of your PGY-2 year.

Program Director

DelRegno, Paula

Paula DelRegno, MD

Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry & Program Director of Residency Training in Psychiatry

University at Buffalo - Psychiatry Erie County Medical Center 462 Grider St. Rm 1184 Buffalo, NY 14215

Phone: (716) 898-4221