Students’ Addiction Sciences Research Presented at RIA

Published May 24, 2018 This content is archived.

story by dirk hoffman

Eight students presented on their experience in laboratories from within the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences during UB’s Research Institute on Addiction’s (RIA) third annual Student Research in Addiction Sciences Open House.


Overall, 33 undergraduate, graduate and postbaccalaureate students presented posters featuring their interdisciplinary research conducted under the guidance and mentorship of faculty and research scientists from the RIA, as well as eight departments in four UB schools.

Interdisciplinary Research Showcased

“Addiction studies can encompass many fields, such as psychology, sociology, medicine, neuroscience, public health and education, which all have robust programs at UB,” says Kenneth E. Leonard, PhD, RIA director and professor of psychiatry.

“We were pleased to have this opportunity to highlight the interdisciplinary addictions research to which students contribute at the university,” he adds.

The poster presentations addressed a wide range of addictive substances, including opioids, alcohol, cocaine, tobacco and prescription drugs.

They addressed topics such as prenatal cocaine exposure and child behavior problems; bullying and later alcohol use; trauma-informed care; alcohol abstinence and treatment outcomes; and long-term neurological effects of Ritalin use.

4 Jacobs School Departments Represented

The following poster presentations were the result of research conducted inside the Jacobs School:

  • “Examining Substance Use Disorders in a Forensic Setting”
    Presenter: Joshua H. Andrzejewski, a graduate student in counseling psychology
    Mentor: Daniel Antonius, PhD, assistant professor of psychiatry and director of the Division of Forensic Psychiatry
  • “Chromatin Remodeling Complex INO80 Regulates Cocaine Seeking”
    Presenter: Andrew F. Stewart, an undergraduate student in medicinal chemistry
    Mentor: Dietz
  • “Oxycodone-Induced Changes in the Pre-Frontal Cortex: Insights on Prescription vs. Addiction”
    Presenter: Shruthi Thomas, who is pursuing bachelor’s and master’s degrees through a dual degree program in pharmacology and toxicology
    Mentor: Dietz

National Leader in Addiction Studies

RIA is a research institute of UB and a national leader in the study of alcohol and substance abuse issues.

Other UB schools represented at the open house were:

  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • School of Social Work
  • Graduate School of Education

The event took place April 25 at the RIA, located at 1021 Main St. on UB’s Downtown Campus.