Custodial Services

For custodial/porter assistance, call:

(716) 339-2373

Custodial Services Update

Published July 29, 2020

In accordance with UB’s social distancing guidelines, UB custodial teams have suspended the cleaning of personal office spaces.

All of the UB custodians have returned to full-time work.

Every member of the UB community is asked to:

  • Do what you can to keep your personal spaces clean.
  • Place garbage cans outside your office door or bring trash and recyclables to a centrally located collection area.
  • Use cleaning supplies provided by the university

Office, Lab and Classroom Cleaning

UB custodians have not been cleaning offices and labs to limit exposure for all individuals.

The custodial supervisor will be reaching out to each PI to set up a weekly schedule of which day they can get in to the PI's lab to clean so that their staff can maintain proper social distancing and protocols are maintained.

Custodians aim to minimally disrupt the lab work but the lab needs to be vacant during the cleaning. If it is not, the lab will be cleaned in the following week.

Centrally scheduled classrooms will be cleaned during 3rd shift.

Vacuums and Vacuuming

Vacuums will be available from an office on each floor, 3 thru 7, Monday to Friday, for that floor.

Break Rooms

Custodians at 955 Main Street will use their break room in the facility and not use common seating areas around the facility.

They are working on different time shifts to avoid crowding in their break room.