Shipping & Receiving

Loading Docks

  • Dock 1 accepts ~53’ trailers
  • Dock 2 accepts ~30’ trailers


Searching for your package(s)?  You can use the following tools, using the tracking number provided with most shipments. Most sites update close to real-time, and may assist you in finding out if your package is delayed, or has arrived. Some sites even allow you to receive e-mail confirmation. 

If you receive confirmation that your package has arrived (from Amazon, or another vendor), please verify if it has arrived by FedEx or UPS. 

The mailroom handles packages that arrive through the United States Postal Service.


8:0am – 4:00pm

See mailroom (1125) for access if the receiving office (1121) is closed.


Telephone:  (716) 829-3660
Facscimile:  (716) 829-2462