New York State Health Worker Bonus

This information is for general information purposes only. The GME staff is required to follow all NYS guidelines posted on the New York Health Care and Mental Hygiene Worker Bonus website. No information in this FAQ is substituting any statutes or other payment information for the NYS Healthcare Bonus Program.

Current Applications to NYS

Vesting Period Start End Application Date Amount Payroll Date Applications
One 10/1/2021 3/1/2022 3/3/2023 $940,500 6/7/2023 777
Two 4/1/2022 9/30/2022 3/3/2023 $1,164,500 6/7/2023 778
Three 10/1/2022 3/31/2023 4/14/2023 & 4/26/2023 $452,000 8/16/2023 281
Four 4/1/2023 9/30/2023 October 2023 TBA      
Five 10/1/2023 3/31/2024        

What is the timeline for Vesting Period 4? (April 1, 2023 - September 30, 2023)

10/6/2023 - If eligible, resident will receive an attestation to UB secured email

10/12/2023 @ 12 p.m. - Due date for electronically signed attestation

Has New York State paid any bonus monies on our submitted applications?

Yes! Vesting periods #1, #2 and #3. Review the schedule for payment dates. 

Will the regular paycheck be combined with the bonus?

No. Two separate payments will be generated, one for current payroll (if applicable), and one check for the NYS bonus.

Are residents hired after April 1, 2023 excluded from Vesting period #4?

Yes, we follow the NYS guidance below for Vesting period 4:

Q. Are residents elligible for the bonus? A. Yes. As reflected in the prior FAQ regarding the administrative flexibility offered for the Vesting Period 1 and 2 submissions, and in recognition that residents move to other residencies or attending roles around June/July, these employees would be considered elligible under Vesting Periods: 1, 2, 3, and 5. The only vesting period that would present inconsistencies with seasonal changes in employment for residents would be Vesting Period 4.

What is the New York State Health Care and Mental Hygiene Worker Bonus (HWB) program?

The NYS HWB program is a state initiative launched by Gov. Kathy Hochul and managed by NYS Department of Health, to acknowledge front-line workers for their efforts during the COVID pandemic and with the aim to increase the state’s health care workforce by 20% over the next five years. The program is an investment in health care to help retain, rebuild and grow the state’s health care workforce to ensure delivery of the highest quality care for New Yorkers. 

Who established the rules and application guidelines?

The rules and application guidelines are set out by the New York State Healthcare and Mental Hygiene  Worker Bonus Program.

Where can I find more information on the complete guidelines?

You can find all information on the program here.

Where can I find the New York State Department of Health guidelines?

You can find those here. 

What is the NYS HWB vesting period schedule?

You can find the full vesting period schedule here. As well, please find a downloadable PDF of the schedule below. 

What is the NYS employee attestation form?

A NYS Employee Attestation document must be completed and signed by the applicant as evidence of  agreement with the compensation limitations and bonus guidelines.

How will eligible UMRS & UDRS residents & fellows receive their employee attestation form?

Each eligible employee will receive the employee attestation sent securely to their email address. The employee attestation will be sent as an electronic form, once reviewed and electronically signed by the employee the attestation will be available for GME review and tracking. Once this form is received it will allow GME to apply on your behalf. The employee attestation must be received by the GME office no later than the day before application to NY state. Failure to submit the form on this date will result in the exclusion of your application. 

What does the Attestation signature mean?

Signing the Attestation form indicates you, as the signer, agree all information is true and accurate. Your signature indicates your agreement that all compensation limits and earnings during the vesting period will not exceed the NYS HCWB limits listed on the Attestation.

What if I earned other income during this vesting period?

If you earned other income outside from UMRS and UDRS, you should read the limits on income before signing. Examples of other incomes include moonlighting, part time employment, or anything else that you have earned and reported on your personal income taxes as earnings. If there is any doubt you have other sources of income disqualifying yourself, do not sign. Signing the attestation form indicates your agreement with the limit income statement.

What if I do not know how much I earned during the vesting period?

Contact a professional for guidance on your personal income taxes to determine if you are under the $62,500 income limit. The GME office is only aware of your compensation from UMRS and UDRS payroll. If your personal earnings are more than the limit, do not sign the attestation form and notify the GME HR team. All applicants who refuse will not be applied for. All bonus money applied for must be paid to the applicant by NYS.

Why can’t a personal email be used for securely signing the attestation?

The email is an official communication channel. UB expects faculty, staff, and students to use, read, and respond to their email regularly. The email was issued to you upon the start of employment. The use of company provided email is the employment standard for employer–employee communications. UB email and your personal email systems are not “secure” methods of email communication. However, the link provided to you in the specific email is secure. Using the secure link embedded within the UB email maintains security of your information. 

For information about UB’s policy on email please visit this link.  

What if my UB email has been deactivated?

You can contact the UB IT Help Desk for assistance:

Can I sign a paper copy of the employee attestation?

For vesting periods three through five, GME will only be accepting electronic attestations. The electronic attestation method will ensure that receipt of duplicate documents is avoided.  

What will the email containing the electronic attestation look like?

If you are eligible for a vesting period, below please find a sample of the email you will receive.

Dear Doctor,

Read this message fully before proceeding.

You must use your UB email account to complete this process. Click on the link below to complete your NYS Healthcare Workers Bonus (HCWB) Vesting Period 3 Employee Attestation:

Attestation for Period 3

This link should not be shared. This document is mandatory and necessary to complete the bonus award application on your behalf as a resident or fellow employed by University Medical Resident or University Dental Resident Services companies.

  • Action: Click the link then electronically sign and date the attestation
  • Do not enter Social Security Numbers, this information will be automatically entered for you after completion of form
  • Deadline: Monday, April 10, 2023 11:59 PM
  • Complete only once, electronically, using the method above. Do not submit any duplicates such as by paper, fax or secure email

If the form is not electronically signed by the deadline, we cannot apply for your bonus.

Click cancel, if you receive a pop-up dialogue box asking for a username and password.

*In no instance does GME guarantee the bonus amount awarded by NYS DOL. All resident and fellow rotations will be thoroughly reviewed to ensure that you meet the criteria set out by NYS. If you are not eligible for the bonus after submitting a signed attestation, you will be notified.

Kind regards,


Should I fax a copy of the employee attestation to the GME office?

No, the electronic method is the only method necessary and ensures that receipt of duplicate documents is avoided.  

Will I receive confirmation when I complete the electronic attestation form?

Yes. Upon completion, a notice will be sent to the email address. Save this receipt of confirmation for your records. A signed attestation does not guarantee a bonus payout from NYS HWB program.

Are there any filing limitations?

Yes. NYS HWB is limiting (2) applications per employee, per employer with a maximum payout of $3,000 to each eligible employee.

What if I was included in prior applications?

The number of your employee attestations included within a submission will be referenced for eligibility.

Are residents and fellows guaranteed $3,000?

No. The maximum allowable is (2) applications for a maximum of $3,000. The $3,000 is not guaranteed.

Why were the applications for vesting period #1 and #2 delayed?

UMRS and UDRS are private companies. Preparation and approval of the application process itself was difficult and challenging. The collaborative efforts involved UB GME, UB Central Finance, SUNY, NYS Department of Health, NYS Governor’s Office and other sources of UB support which required months of work beyond vesting period #1 and #2 deadlines. On 3/3/2023, the NYS DOH finalized a successful path for the bonus application on behalf of UMRS’ and UDRS’ residents and fellows.

Who will be receiving the money from the NYS HWB?

UMRS and UDRS, P.C., will receive the HCWB bonus payout from NYS in approximately 8-12 weeks after each application.

Did the teaching hospitals get the bonus money from NYS HWB?

No, as our hospital affiliates are not your employers, and therefore have no application responsibilities for residents and fellows in this process. They are excluded from applying on your behalf.  

If I was included in a prior application, will I still get the bonus?

If you have been entered on multiple applications from various employers, NYS will deny your eligibility resulting in reduced or denied payment to you.

When will the bonus be paid to me?

Bonus amounts will be paid on the regular pay date, in a separate paycheck:

  • VP #1 and #2 - Wednesday, June 7, 2023
  • VP #3 - Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Will the separate HCW Bonus check be direct deposit or a live check?

If you currently have direct deposit in place, the HCWB will be a deposit. If not, then a live check will be mailed to the last updated address on file.

If I receive checks, can I wait to cash it?

The GME office encourages any employees who receive live checks to cash/deposit at your earliest convenience. Uncashed and expired checks may be reported to NYS unclaimed funds.

Will the bonus be subject to payroll taxes?

Yes. Employee Federal Withholding and FICA will be deducted from the gross bonus. The GME office may not advise on tax implications. Consult your personal tax advisor and we encourage you to visit the NYS Program FAQ regarding NYS and federal taxability. Neither the University nor the GME Office can verify all your earnings.

What if I am a prior employee?

For the first two vesting periods, prior/terminated employees were allowed to apply. If the terminated employee signed the attestation applications, and they were applied for, they will receive a live bonus check, subject to applicable taxes, mailed to the current address on file.

Where will a terminated employee check be mailed to?

The last known address on file.

What if my address has changed?

Please email with your full name and current address. 

How will I hear about the payroll for the bonus?

This website will be updated regularly, and email communications will be sent by the GME department. These messages will come from Dr. Gregory Cherr or Human Resources. You can also find updates in the Thrive! newsletter. The GME office will also notify program directors, training program administrators and our hospital partners.

Why does my gross bonus payment vary from my colleagues?

There are numerous reasons why your gross bonus may differ from your colleagues. Such factors include:

  • working full time during the vesting period
  • being on leave during a vesting period
  • beginning employment in the middle of a vesting period

Why is my net payment less than my colleagues?

From the gross bonus payment, Medicare/Social Security and federal payroll taxes are taken which will reduce the net payment. Each person’s elected federal tax withholdings will vary; therefore, the net payment may not be identical to your peers.

How long will the mail delivery of my bonus check take?

For the vesting periods #1 and #2 live check payment, the net bonus checks were mailed June 7, 2023 via the United States Postal Service to most recent address on file. Please allow USPS 10 business days to hand deliver the mailed checks before reporting it lost.

For vesting period #3, the bonus check is scheduled for a pay date of August 16, 2023 and will be mailed by August 17, 2023 via the United States Postal Service.

For residents living outside of the United States, the delivery might take longer than a New York State address. Delivery time varies based on personal address.

When should I report to the GME Human Resource Team a lost June 7th, 2023 VP #1 and/or #2 HCWB Check?

The GME office mailed the checks on June 7, 2023. Please wait until June 21, 2023 (2 weeks) before requesting a void and reissue. All checks are mailed via United States Postal Service to the last known address on file. Send all replacement requests to with your current mailing address from a secured UB email address. This will be the standard for all other bonus payments as well.

Who should I contact with any Healthcare Worker related questions?

In order to receive the soonest assistance, please send all questions to the HR general email address Do not contact individual staff members. We have a coordinated communication system.

Please first look to see if your question might already be answered at the following webpages:

UB HCWB Information & FAQ

General NYS HCWB Guidelines

Watch for daily updates, emails from the HR team and weekly Thrive communications. Your program TPA office will also be notified.

Date updated: 10/4/2023