Graduating Residents

Graduating residents have a few options to elect COBRA coverage and convert term life insurance. On this page is a brief overview of this process.  

UMRS & UDRS Employment Benefits Summary

During your active employment, benefits include:​

  • Medical and Dental
  • Group Life and Long Term Disability insurances; no payroll deduction for employee
  • Voluntary benefits, such as Flexibility Spending Account or Voluntary Life are subject to employee payroll deduction

Benefits available to elect/convert after employment ends:​

  • Medical, Dental, Voluntary Vision (if enrolled), Flexible Spending Account plans (if enrolled)​
  • COBRA coverage plan available to elect​
  • Group Term Basic Life Insurance; conversion option available to personal plan; employee​
  • Voluntary Life Insurances; conversion options for employee, spouse, child(ren); if enrolled​

COBRA Coverage

Option to elect continuation of medical and dental plan through UMRS/UDRS​

  • COBRA plan benefits are identical to plan associated with active employment​
  • Same: In-Network (8 counties of WNY, Quest Labs, co-pays)​
  • Same: Out-of-Network (outside 8 counties of WNY, deductibles + 25% co-ins)
  • Single deductible $1000 year​
  • Family deductible $2000 year​
  • Emergency services covered as in-network​

COBRA participant’s monthly approx. cost; subject to change each July 1st​

  • Medical/Rx – Family $1409.38  Single $534.69
  • Dental – Family $43  Single $19

COBRA Election Process

  • COBRA Election Notice will be provided to you via the US mail within 14 days of last date of employment; by US law.
  • Please advise HR of your new address if it has changed
  • Elect your COBRA plan within 60 days of the Election Notice date
    • COBRA plan coverage is retroactive to the last date of active coverage, no coverage gap.
  • Pay the first month premium payment within 45 days of date the COBRA plan was elected; monthly thereafter.
  • COBRA plan provides up to 18 months of continuous monthly coverage
  • Can elect COBRA for yourself and covered dependents, or only specific dependent(s)
  • Can elect medical and dental or only medical/ only dental
  • Work with COBRA plan administrator- PlanSource/COBRAPoint
  • For June 30th graduates, COBRA letters will be mailed to the address of record within 14 days of last date of employment. Last date of of active coverage is June 30th. COBRA plan will be effective July 1st.

Term Life Insurance

  • Option to convert the group term $50,000 life insurance policy to personal policy and voluntary coverages; if already enrolled (Employee, spouse, Child(ren))
    • Review "Group Term Life Insurance-Summary of Benefits” document (below)
    • Review “Life Conversion Checklist” document (below)
    • Complete “Request for Quote” sections
      • Section A-Employer/ Group Administrator
        • Email GME HR for necessary
      • Section B-Employee/Member
    • Complete “Application for Conversion of Group Life Insurance” -2 pages
    • Complete “Supplementary Contact Information”
    • Submit to insurance carrier for review
    • If approved, individual is responsible for premium payment(s)
    • Work directly with the insurance carrier

For questions please reach out to