Verification of Post-Graduate Training

The Office of Graduate Medical Education verifies the dates of training, as well as malpractice coverage and claims history for the residents and fellows of our accredited residency and fellowship programs. It may take up to two weeks for your request to be reviewed and responded to. All requests are completed on a first come, first serve basis. We are unable to expedite requests. 

Please submit your request through our verification portal with a signed release from liability form. We will not complete any request without a signed release form. 

Our office does not accept any other forms of submission (ex. faxes, mailed forms, etc.)

What we can provide:

  • Dates of attendance for residency and/or fellowship training
  • Verifications of residency and/or fellowship employment
  • Certifications of employment (PSLF); visit here
  • Verification of malpractice coverage and claims history. We do not provide specific details of insurance policies, such as policy #. If after you recieve your claims history letter from the portal you require more information regarding malpractice coverage, such as a certificate of insurance, please submit a request.

* Please visit FAQ below for information on how to submit different types of requests    

What we cannot provide:

  • State Board of Medicine verification forms*
  • Final Summative Evaluations*
  • Medical Education degrees (ex. MD, DO etc). For assistance, please contact the Office of Medical Education
  • UB Graduate Research Positions
  • UB employment not related to residency and fellowship trainings
  • Verbal verifications
  • Verifications of training for non-standard training programs- please contact these programs directly
  • Forms that include evaluative questioning

* For assistance with any of these requests, please contact the program directly.



If you have questions that are not answered above or require further assistance, please email