Android Access

This outlines steps on how to download, install & configure Microsoft Remote Desktop Application for Store Access from your Android device.

1. Begin by navigating to the Google Play Store on your device

2. Search for Microsoft Remote Desktop application and tap to open

Zoom image: Play Store Micr0soft Remote Desktop App Play Store Micr0soft Remote Desktop App.

3. Tap INSTALL button

Zoom image: Install Microsoft Remote Desktop Install Microsoft Remote Desktop.

4. Once installed, tap the OPEN button

Zoom image: Open Microsoft Remote Desktop Open Microsoft Remote Desktop.

5. Select Remote Resources from setup screen. Select the + sign on the bottom left to add a new connection

Zoom image: Add new connection Add new connection.

6. Enter in the following information:

Zoom image: Add URL, username and Password. Add URL, username and Password.

7. Tap on check mark on the top right to complete entry to begin connection to the server

Zoom image: Connecting to remote resource Connecting to remote resource.

8. Tap the ? it appears to begin access to the program

Zoom image: Remote Resources Remote Resources.