iOS Access

This outlines steps on how to download, install & configure Microsoft Remote Desktop application to access the Jacobs School Store from your iPhone and/or iPad device.

1. Navigate to the Apple APP Store on your device
2. Search for Microsoft Remote Desktop application

Zoom image: Microsoft Remote Desktop Microsoft Remote Desktop.

3. Tap on the Cloud icon

Zoom image: Tap Cloud Icon Tap Cloud Icon.

4. Tap OPEN button

Zoom image: Open Microsoft Remote Desktop Open Microsoft Remote Desktop.

5. Select Remote Resources from setup screen

Zoom image: Remote Resources Remote Resources.

6. Enter the following 

Zoom image: Add URL, username, and passwrod Add URL, username, and passwrod.

7. Tap on Save once all information is entered to be taken back to the Home screen

Zoom image: Save configuration Save configuration.

8. On the Home screen, the connection will begin automatically to the server

Zoom image: Connecting to the remote desktop Connecting to the remote desktop.