Windows Access

These following steps will guide you on setting up the preferred Microsoft Store version for Windows 8 and 10. 

1. Press the Windows Button on your keyboard to access the Microsoft Metro screen and then select the Store icon.

Windows button.

2.When you are in the Microsoft Store, type Remote Desktop to search. 

Zoom image: Microsoft Store showing remote desktop Microsoft Store showing remote desktop.

3. Select Remote Desktop and then install.

Zoom image: Remote Desktop Remote Desktop.

4. The Remote Desktop should appear on your start menu. Select it and then choose Access RemoteApp and Desktop Connection

Zoom image: Remote Desktop Load screen Remote Desktop Load screen.
Zoom image: Enter the OMC Store URL Enter the OMC Store URL.

6. Enter your Jacobs School username and password. Be sure it start with smbs\

Zoom image: Enter your JSMBS username and passphrase Enter your JSMBS username and passphrase.

7. You should see RemoteApp and Desktop Connection added applications. Select OK.

Zoom image: Remote App and connection Remote App and connection.

8. Now you'll see the SMBS Store applications.

Zoom image: Remote Desktop Remote Desktop.