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Core Facilities


The nuclei of neurons in the cerebral cortex (layer V), in red, and their axonal projections, in blue.

Stem Cell Engraftment and In Vivo Analysis

This facility analyzes the engraftment of a variety of stem cells in vivo, the effects of genetic modification of stem cells on engraftment and stem cell function, and the behaviorial consequences of neural engraftment.

We provide:

  • stereotaxic and other surgical engrafting of ESC, iPSC, ASC and cancer stem cells into mice and other model systems
  • in vivo gene transfer into endogenous stem cells in brain, heart and other organs
  • histochemical qualitative and quantitative stereological evaluation of stem cell survival, differentiation (morphological and biochemical) in vivo and in vivo integration of grafted or endogenous stem cells
  • behavioral evaluation of stem cell therapy in animal models


431 Biomedical Research Building


Stachowiak, Michal

Michal Stachowiak, PhD

Professor, Director Molec. and Structural Neurobiol. Gene Therapy Prog. Director Stem Cell SCEF

428 Biomedical Research Building, 206 Farber Hall (Main office) Buffalo, NY 14214

Phone: (716) 829-3540; Fax: 716-829-2911