Jennifer A. Meka, PhD

Director, Medical Education and Educational Research Institute (MEERI); Associate Dean for Medical Education

Jennifer Meka, PhD.

Jennifer A. Meka, PhD, is director of the Jacobs School’s Medical Education and Educational Research Institute (MEERI), associate dean for medical education and an assistant professor of medicine.

In her role as director of MEERI, which functions as an academy for UB’s medical educators, Meka helps oversee the advancement of medical education at UB. A scholar in medical education with expertise in curriculum design and assessment, she is responsible for planning and implementing programs that enable faculty and instructional staff to develop their skills as educators. Meka also works to promote scholarship in medical education and peer support, as well as career advancement and recognition for medical educators.

Additionally, she collaborates with the Office of Student and Academic Affairs and the Office of Medical Curriculum to enhance services for students in the areas of academic support, learning strategies, mentorship and advising.

Meka earned a bachelor’s degree in secondary education and a master’s degree in teacher education from Canisius College. She received her doctorate from UB’s Graduate School of Education. 

Prior to her current position, Meka was the inaugural director of the Woodward Center for Excellence in Health Sciences Education and the director of Cognitive Skills Programs at Penn State College of Medicine.

Her research focuses include using evidence-based educational principles for assessment of student learning, as well as developing co-teaching partnerships — between clinician-educators and learning specialists — to enhance student learning.

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