Grand Rounds

Sandhya Shukla, MD, presenting a slide at grand rounds.

As a fellow in our program, you — like Sandhya Shukla, MD — can present patient cases at grand rounds and receive useful feedback from fellow trainees and our faculty members.

Our grand rounds conference will increase your understanding of the diagnosis and treatment of a range of digestive disorders. You will gain knowledge of pathophysiology and clinical practice in many areas of gastroenterology.

As a fellow in our program, you’ll give an hour-long presentation four times per year at our case-based grand rounds. 

You’ll select cases to present from your clinical practice. We challenge you to expand your knowledge by selecting cases in areas that are unfamiliar to you. We also urge you to delve into controversial or emerging clinical areas.

Our grand rounds train you to consider disparate standpoints. When you’re not presenting, you’ll attend grand rounds given by your peers and mentors, impelling you to consider others’ perspectives and think critically about a variety of distinct patient cases. 

Additionally, grand rounds help you become familiar presenting before a diverse audience of faculty, medical students and residents. Moreover, attendees provide written evaluations of your presentations, so you’ll gain useful feedback when you review their assessments.


We hold grand rounds weekly.