GI fellow Joshua Matrachisia, MD, presenting at conference.

Presenting at our multidisciplinary conference enables GI fellow Joshua Matrachisia, MD, to interact with a diverse audience that includes pathologists, oncologists and radiologists.

We enable you to participate in conferences, journal club meetings, summer training and grand rounds that contextualize and build on the core of your training.

Our didactic sessions will sharpen your diagnostic and disease management skills, introduce you to research opportunities and keep you current in the field.

Our grand rounds conference will increase your understanding of the diagnosis and treatment of a range of digestive disorders. You will gain knowledge of pathophysiology and clinical practice in many areas of gastroenterology.
Present on your developing project and learn about faculty and fellow trainees' research at our “research-in-progress” seminars.
Our pathophysiology and pathology conferences foster discussion, keep you current in the field and allow you to present cases from your clinical practice.
Our journal club will help keep you current in the newest research relevant to diagnosing and treating a variety of digestive disorders.
Physicians with training and expertise in disparate areas come together to share ideas at our citywide multidisciplinary conference. 
We’re devoted to helping you excel in the research you undertake. Our unique summer course helps you build critical skills required to conduct quality, meaningful research.