Journal Club

Our journal club will help keep you current in the newest research relevant to diagnosing and treating a variety of digestive disorders.

Throughout your time in our program, you — along with our faculty — will present research articles that describe new gastroenterological research findings. 

We will assign you a different journal each academic year. You can expect to broaden your perspective and consider alternative viewpoints when you encounter articles that address controversial areas of practice and cover issues of patient safety, cost-effective patient care and ethics.

You’ll increase your knowledge of gastroenterological research as you discuss the strong and weak points of papers and consider how findings will affect your clinical practice. 

Valuable Opportunities

Our journal club sharpens your critical thinking skills, gives you opportunities to demonstrate your depth of knowledge and increases your experience interacting with an audience and responding to your peers' questions. 

You will also gain valuable leadership opportunities; we expect you to serve as a role model for students and residents attending the conference.

Additionally, journal club helps you increase your experience orchestrating well-organized presentations that effectively use videos and other teaching media. 


You'll participate in journal club monthly.