Multidisciplinary Conference

Physicians with training and expertise in disparate areas come together to share ideas at our citywide multidisciplinary conference. 

You’ll learn about and present cases that require the input of multiple medical specialties or illustrate different methods used by a number of disciplines.   

Our multidisciplinary conference gives you the opportunity to interact with and learn from a range of experts and specialists, including: 

  • pathologists
  • general surgeons
  • surgical oncologists
  • medical oncologists
  • radiologists

You’ll encounter conference presentations covering issues of ethics, patient safety and cost-effective care. 

Gain Insight into a Variety of Cases

When you present, you’ll select cases for presentation from your clinical practice. You can expect to gain insight into cases that delve into controversial or emerging clinical areas and that require collaboration between different medical disciplines.

At each conference, you’ll hear interesting patient cases and diagnostic challenges from fellows rotating at: 

Because our training sites have diverse patient populations, each conference will expose you to disparate cases, augmenting your knowledge about the diagnosis and treatment of an assortment of disorders.


We hold our multidisciplinary conference monthly.