Buffalo VA Medical Center

This 199-bed, 1.4 million-square-foot facility provides medical, surgical, mental health, long-term and outpatient care.

V A exterior.

The VA Western New York Healthcare System provides care to more than 44,000 veterans annually. Although patients hail primarily from the westernmost eight counties of Upstate New York, the hospital serves as the inpatient specialty care referral site for all veterans west of Syracuse.

Patients present with a wide range of disease states, encompassing one of the highest case severity indexes within the Veterans Health Affairs system.

The Buffalo VA Medical Center is the main referral center for area veterans seeking cardiac surgery, cardiology care and comprehensive cancer care.

It is one of only 12 VA medical centers nationwide conducting a trial of real-time, Internet-based electronic medical records exchanges with private sector hospitals, including all UB medical school rotation sites.


Rotating through the Buffalo VA Medical Center will help you deepen your understanding of a variety of diseases, particularly liver diseases such as:

  • alcoholic and non-alcoholic liver disease
  • ascites
  • cirrhosis
  • hepatitis
  • portosystemic encephalopathy 

We hold teaching rounds at the Buffalo VA Medical Center, which provide you with the opportunities you need to gain familiarity with presenting consultations, interviewing and examining patients at the beside, and reviewing materials including X-rays and pathology slides.

You'll be exposed to unique administrative structures and procedures at this site. Here, you will gain valuable experience using an extensive and sophisticated electronic medical record system.

Liver Clinic

You'll have the opportunity to train in a liver clinic that takes a comprehensive approach to the diagnosis and management of liver disease.

Working alongside our liver disease specialists, you'll increase your knowledge of hepatology practice and learn about providing in-depth liver care, from diagnostics and testing to novel therapies.

Gain Experience in a Continuity Clinic

You'll follow a panel of patients on an ongoing basis at the Buffalo VA Medical Center. Here, you'll gain valuable experience providing longitudinal outpatient care.


Your research and elective rotations may also take place at the Buffalo VA Medical Center.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty at this site have specialized knowledge in:

  • geriatric gastroenterology
  • hepatitis C
  • inflammatory bowel disease
  • liver disease
  • telehealth

You'll collaborate with:

  • social workers
  • discharge planners

Patient Population

  • veterans of both genders
  • wide range in ages
  • drawn from Upstate New York