As a fellow in our program, you’ll have freedom to select electives that enhance your training and fit your unique interests and goals.

We give you the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of elective modules. Our fellowship is tailored to your needs and personal educational objectives; you can pursue electives in Western New York, across the country, or abroad.

We are attentive to your ideas; we encourage you discuss potential elective rotations with us. We’ll guide you toward electives that fit with your long-term educational goals or that address areas of deficient knowledge.

During our electives, you’ll have opportunities to gain experience in settings different than the ones you encounter in our required clinical rotations. You have the option to work in environments including:

  • a dedicated children’s hospital
  • a cancer institute
  • a liver transplant center
  • private gastroenterology practice settings

Clinical Electives

Our clinical elective rotations provide you with focused experience in the diagnosis and treatment of specific types of gastrointestinal disorders.

You have the option to select electives that augment your experience with gastroenterology procedures. 

Our elective options include:

  • pediatric rotation that helps you gain familiarity with the pathophysiology, clinical manifestations and management of gastrointestinal problems in children and adolescents
  • gastrointestinal oncology rotation that gives you added exposure to percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy placement, photodynamic therapy of esophageal lesions, magnification colonoscopy and esophageal stent placement
  • liver-transplantation rotation that provides additional training in liver biopsy
  • rotations with community gastroenterologists who provide additional training in endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography and other advanced endoscopic procedures

Non-Clinical Electives

Non-clinical electives in gastrointestinal pathology and radiology offer opportunities for you to learn how to effectively communicate with practitioners in these fields. 

You’ll expand your knowledge about the information that pathologists and radiologists need and you’ll deepen your understanding of the role of these disciplines in patient care. 

Diversified Training

Our fellows have pursued electives in places including:

  • Wisconsin
  • India
  • Rochester, N.Y.

If you choose elective rotations outside of Western New York, you’ll be exposed to different systems of care, which will help you strengthen your ability to adapt to unfamiliar health care settings.

Gain Extra Time for Research

If you select the research track of our program, you can dedicate more weeks to your research endeavors by choosing additional research time for your elective rotation.

Years Taken

Patient Population

Elective rotations offer opportunities for you to work with unique patient populations, including: 

  • patients with gastrointestinal cancer
  • liver-transplant patients
  • pediatric patients

Training Sites

Possible local sites for electives include: