Introduction to Biomedical Research

We’re devoted to helping you excel in the research you undertake. Our unique summer course helps you build critical skills required to conduct quality, meaningful research.

Our annual, optional Introduction to Biomedical Research course provides you with knowledge about important underpinnings for successful research. 

We’ll cover everything from the best methods of reading scientific papers to the process of searching the literature using online resources.

You'll become acquainted with strategies for the planning, implementation and publication of biomedical research. We'll familiarize you with areas including:

  • biostatistics and the basics of statistical analysis
  • procedures for Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees
  • ethical issues and institutional review board procedures
  • developing research questions and generating hypotheses
  • mentorship skills
  • data collection
  • the process of pursuing funding resources
  • writing research proposals
  • data analysis and systematic reviews

You’ll learn about research methodology from faculty who have:

  • biostatistics expertise
  • physiology and biophysics expertise
  • in-depth experience conducting basic, clinical and translational research