Dental Sleep Medicine Rotation

Deepen your understanding of how dentists specializing in dental sleep medicine are involved in managing sleep-related breathing disorders.

As a sleep medicine specialist, you will need to know fundamentals about the anatomy of the human mouth and oral appliance therapy for sleep apnea. Our dental sleep medicine rotation provides you with this knowledge and introduces you to the work of dentists who treat sleep disorders. 

Through observational learning in our clinical setting, you will acquire knowledge about examining the oral cavity and will gain insight into the evaluation of tooth alignment and radiologic and pathologic correlation.

Our dental sleep medicine specialists will discuss the methods they use to evaluate and fit patients for oral appliances, and you will learn about the various types of appliances available to patients. 

We also educate you about the possible side effects of oral appliances, such as temporomandibular joint pain and changes in occlusion. You may have opportunities to observe as the dentist follows up with sleep apnea patients who are being treated with oral appliances. 

Length of Rotation

You will spend two or three half-day sessions in our dental sleep medicine subspecialty rotation.