Orthodontics Rotation

In our fellowship, you will have the unique opportunity of learning about oral appliances at one of the largest orthodontic laboratories in the United States.

Our orthodontics rotation will increase your familiarity with the range of devices available to patients with sleep disorders.

You will visit Great Lakes Orthodontics, a leading manufacturer of oral appliances that distributes dental products on the international market. Our Great Lakes Orthodontics sleep specialist will guide you through the facility, discuss fabrication techniques used to produce oral appliances and provide you with the latest literature on these appliances.

You will learn about devices for chronic snoring and sleep apnea, such as the Herbst and Klearway appliances, and we will advise you on the benefits of each device and indications for use. The information you receive will help you understand why particular appliances may or may not be suitable for certain patients.

Your experience at Great Lakes Orthodontics will strengthen your knowledge about oral appliances, which will help you develop into a well-rounded sleep medicine specialist.

Length of Rotation

You will spend approximately two or three half-day sessions in our orthodontics subspecialty rotation.