Psychiatry Rotation

Our psychiatry subspecialty rotation educates you about the comorbidity of sleep disorders and various psychiatric conditions.

The information you absorb during our psychiatry rotation will increase your knowledge about the signs and symptoms of psychiatric disorders and augment your understanding of neuropsychological methods for insomnia patients.

Our faculty from the Department of Psychiatry will answer your questions as you observe outpatients and inpatients at the Buffalo VA Medical Center.

Informal teaching rounds and bedside observation will increase your understanding of how sleep is affected by psychiatric conditions such as depression, anxiety disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Faculty will lead you through indications and methods of using cognitive behavioral techniques, you will see how insomnia affects patients’ quality of life and you will have the opportunity to witness the results of successful treatment for sleep disorders. 

To acquaint you with pharmacological approaches to insomnia treatment, we will teach you about psychiatrists’ use of sleeping medications, the potential side effects of such medications and possible drug interactions your patients may encounter.

Length of Rotation

You will spend two or three half-day sessions in our psychiatric subspecialty rotation.