Chief Residents

2023 - 2024

Matthew Kaye.

Hometown: Scarsdale, NY

Undergraduate: Union College

Medical School: Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

Future Plans: Academic Medicine

Favorite Buffalo/Local Activity: It’s a bit clichéd to talk about how great Buffalo is in the summer, but I think it’s clichéd for a reason. Summer in Buffalo is beautiful and offers a plethora of outdoor activities and festivals to engage in. My favorite is probably the Elmwood Arts Festival, where you can browse through the works of hundreds of local artists and craftsmen. It’s truly a communal experience and one I highly recommend to any resident training at UB.

A personal message and what I love about the program: I can honestly say that I have loved my training here at UB. From the outstanding faculty, to the collegiality of the residents, to the amazing support from program leadership, UB truly allows its residents the freedom to grow both as individuals and as physicians. If I had to do it all over again, I would choose UB hands-down. You will be hard-pressed to find another program that offers a more resident-centered curriculum than the one we have here and I am so grateful to be a part of this program

Murad Ali.

Hometown: Buffalo, NY

College: New York University College of Arts & Science

Medical School: St. George’s University School of Medicine

Future Plans: Gastroenterology, Academic Medicine

Favorite Buffalo/Local Activity: After being away for too long, witnessing Buffalo's resurgence post-pandemic and the tremendous influx of diverse communities (and their delectable cuisines) makes me feel fortunate to be residing here once again. Buffalo truly offers everything one could desire – outstanding food, exceptional sports teams (Bills, Sabres), captivating museums (AKG, UB). On a leisure day, you can embark on hikes through picturesque natural parks (Niagara Falls, Letchworth), enjoy boat rides on some of the largest freshwater lakes in the USA, or even venture across the border to Canada! For me, strolling to Devil’s Hole State Park with friends and family is, and will continue to be, a cherished tradition.

A Personal Message and What I Love About the Program: Having rotated through numerous hospitals during my undergraduate and medical school years, I've encountered various programs that emphasize work-life balance; however, none execute it quite like ours. Not only do we relish quality time at home and in and around Buffalo, but my colleagues and I can also travel internationally for vacations, attend academic conferences across the country, volunteer locally, and engage in research projects at multiple hospital sites – all while in residency! Our program offers the flexibility and opportunities to evolve into the kind of physician you aspire to be, providing unwavering support along the way. What resonates most with me is our program's dedication to addressing Buffalo's healthcare disparities, cultivating community partnerships beyond the hospital, and integrating advocacy work into our curriculum. I am genuinely elated and grateful that I matched here.

Jim Rutowksi.

Hometown: Alden, NY

Undergraduate: Canisius College

Medical School: Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

Future Plans: Nephrology, Academic Medicine

Favorite Buffalo/Local Activity: Western New York boasts a rich tapestry of experiences truly catered for everyone. My personal favorites include cheering on our professional sports teams - the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres - as we perennially hope for their better days ahead. For outdoor enthusiasts, the breathtaking trails along the Niagara Gorge, the awe-inspiring Niagara Falls, and the majestic Letchworth State Park offer unforgettable escapades. When fall graces us, apple picking, pumpkin contests, and the awe-inspiring hues of fall foliage become the talk of the town. Art aficionados would find the AKG Gallery, formerly known as the Albright Knox Art Gallery, a treasure trove of modern art, hosting one of the nation's largest collections. In addition, scattered throughout Western New York, architectural wonders designed by Frank Lloyd Wright offer a delightful feast for the eyes. Downtown Buffalo never fails to charm with the iconic, slightly sweet aroma wafting from the General Mills factory. For the foodies, beyond the classic Buffalo wings, the city's culinary scene is ever vibrant, promising an array of amazing restaurants to explore.

A Personal Message and Why I Love the Program: As a native of Western New York, I feel privileged to give back to the community that has played a pivotal role in shaping my journey as a physician. The shared ethos of service and innovation that permeates our program is genuinely inspiring. Here, the faculty and my peers have cultivated an environment that values collaboration and growth over competitiveness, reaffirming my belief in the power of collective progress. This program's commitment to fostering innovation and personal development has provided me with the opportunity to initiate positive change, pursue unique educational pathways, and hone leadership skills that I aspire to employ in service of my community. All the while, the balance between supervision and autonomy, seamlessly maintained by our fellows, teaching faculty, and administration, has been pivotal in my growth as a medical professional. I am immensely grateful for the privilege to train at the University of Buffalo.

Rohan Pandey.

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Undergraduate: Toronto Metropolitan University

Medical School: St. George’s University School of Medicine Future

Plans/Goals: Cardiology 

Favorite Buffalo/Local Activity: Living in Buffalo has been an incredibly enriching experience that blends the amenities of a large city with the charm of a vibrant town. Whether you're interested in theater, culinary delights, or sports, Buffalo offers something for everyone. One aspect that immediately captivated me upon moving here is the city's proximity to nature. Numerous local and state parks are just a short drive away, providing an easy escape to the outdoors. One of my favorite activities is morning runs at Delaware Park, a perfect setting to unwind, recharge, and stay active. The park even features tennis courts! Over the years, I've been heartened to witness the community's strong sense of stewardship for this cherished public space.

Transportation is another strong suit for Buffalo, with excellent connections to both local and international destinations. Toronto is just a quick drive away, and the convenient international airport provides easy access to other major cities. For me, the ability to visit my family in Toronto on weekends has been crucial, helping to maintain a healthy work-life balance throughout my residency. But what truly sets Buffalo apart are its people. During challenging times, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and severe winter storms, the community has demonstrated an inspiring level of unity and resilience. We received overwhelming support and encouragement from local schools, charities, and businesses. If I had to summarize Buffalo in three words, they would be: great people, convenience, and fun. It's undoubtedly our state's "best-kept secret."

A personal message and what I love about the program: The Internal Medicine Program at UB is exceptional in many ways. My training here has equipped me with all the essential skills to excel as a physician. What sets our program apart is its balanced focus on clinical teaching, leadership, research, and community service. During my intern year, I joined the internal medicine resident committee and took on the role of research committee champion. Through collaboration with attendings and chief residents, it became evident that the program highly values resident feedback and is committed to adapting to the unique needs of each new cohort. Each year, residents could propose new formats for morning reports and suggest topics for half-day lectures. This interactive approach makes the learning process both active and engaging. The attendings set an excellent example by embodying the qualities of a good clinician, which I strive to emulate as I advance through my residency. Regular feedback from the attendings, combined with exposure to a diverse range of patient populations across multiple sites (including BGH, ECMC, Roswell, and the VA), has significantly enriched my clinical experience and reasoning skills. Training at various sites, each with its own EMR and healthcare system, has given me the confidence to work in any healthcare organization across the country. Beyond academics, our program also places a strong emphasis on community involvement and compassionate care. We annually volunteer at a local guest house, which provides free housing for patients and their families receiving care in the city. We participate in fundraising efforts and assist with small tasks, which has been a heartwarming experience. The community's collective effort to support those in need is truly inspiring, and I'm thrilled to be part of such an initiative. As a chief resident, I am eager to collaborate with residents and attendings alike to continue improving and building upon the program's existing achievements. Overall, my experience at UB has shaped me into a skilled clinician, educator, and community advocate—fulfilling all my aspirations for an outstanding residency program.

Corrine Kickel.

Hometown: Erie, PA

Undergraduate: Canisius College

Medical School: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

Future Plans: Pulmonology and Critical Care Fellowship

Favorite Buffalo/Local Activity: There are endless opportunities to do something fun making it the perfect place to find a new activity each week. Buffalo's summers are a symphony of delight, offering an extraordinary array of experiences that capture the essence of the season. From the enchanting allure of Transit Drive-In Movies to the tranquil joy of wandering through the picturesque expanse of Delaware Park, every moment creates unforgettable memories. Our city's warm embrace extends to our furry companions as well, inviting them to join in the adventure with hikes along local trails and refreshing swims in Lake Erie. The transition to Fall brings the excitement of Bill’s game. Truly a fun experience whether watching them at home or at the stadium. As the seasons continue to transition, Buffalo's winter landscape becomes a playground of excitement. The slopes of Holiday Valley beckon, inviting skiing enthusiasts to carve their way through the powdery expanse. Ice-skating at Canalside transforms the heart of the city into a glistening wonderland, while the grandeur of Shea's Theater offers a cultural tapestry of captivating performances. Embracing every facet of the year, Buffalo creates a mosaic of vibrant experiences that resonate with all who call it home. It is because of all Buffalo has to offer; I am thrilled to call this city my home.

A personal message and what I love about the program: Our residency program stands out for its exceptional support system, fostering an environment where both professional growth and personal well-being flourish harmoniously. The cornerstone of this support lies in our dedicated Wellness Committee, which works tirelessly to ensure that the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of our residents remains a top priority. Their proactive initiatives include organizing activities such as the Welcome picnic, holiday party and Funuary, a month of activities to break up the long winter. Equally impressive is our program's receptiveness to innovation in academics. Here, new ideas are not only welcomed but actively encouraged. Our program encourages residents to take the reins of their education, fostering an environment where creativity and forward thinking thrive. Central to our program's excellence is the exceptional teaching environment we cultivate. Seasoned faculty members and mentors create an atmosphere that is both nurturing and challenging, ensuring that residents receive comprehensive guidance as they develop into skilled clinicians. In this program, dedication to wellness, innovation, and education intertwine to shape a truly enriching and supportive residency experience.

Daniel Jaremko.

Home Town: Allegany, NY

Undergraduate: Alma College

Medical School: State University of New York, University at Buffalo, Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

Future Plans: Rural Outpatient Geriatric and Addiction Medicine

Favorite Buffalo/Local Activity: Western New York has a tremendous amount of history, and Buffalo in particular has numerous reminders of its one-time status as the second largest city in New York. From Forest Lawn Cemetery, to the art deco City Hall, to sites like the Mentholatum Building on Niagara Street or the grain silos near the outer harbor, there are multiple scattered relics of Buffalo’s history throughout the city that can make a simple trip through the city an exciting journey. Outside of Buffalo you can travel east to Batavia to see the Holland Land Company museum, North to Niagara Falls, West to the cliffs at Evangola Park, or south to Cattaraugus County and Allegany State Park. Whether you’re traveling 15 minutes or an hour-and-a-half, it’s worth getting out of your house and exploring, because Buffalo and Western New York have countless historical and natural sites to experience.

A Personal Message and What I Love About the Program: Whenever anything comes up, a family emergency or illness, everyone in the program is willing to step up to help each other out. When you’re not feeling your best, knowing that your colleagues won’t hesitate to be there for you helps drive home how wonderful everyone is in the program and how camaraderie and support for each other is woven into the very fabric of who we are as a program, as doctors, and as colleagues.