We ensure that you receive a thorough and comprehensive experience in caring for patients in the ambulatory setting, in the hospital and in intensive care units.  Our curriculum and schedule guarantee that you will feel confident in caring for patients in any clinical setting you encounter.

During your crucial first year, you will receive close, direct supervision throughout your clinical training. Under the guidance of senior residents, chief medical residents, attending physicians and an assigned preceptor, you will develop numerous critical skills:

  • obtaining complete, pertinent and accurate patient histories
  • performing thorough, targeted physical examinations
  • planning diagnostic workups
  • instituting therapeutic plans, including writing appropriate orders and prescriptions
  • maintaining medical records in multiple electronic health records systems
  • communicating with other health professionals to ensure top-quality patient care
  • using electronic research resources

You will also begin to earn credentialing in key procedures and will take on supervisory roles with other residents and medical students.

At the end of each module, the attending physician will evaluate you on your performance in the six core competencies as recommended by the American Board of Internal Medicine. Attendings will also discuss your strengths and weaknesses with you at the end of each module.

Clinical Program

Rotation Length
Inpatient Medicine 12-16 weeks
Ambulatory 10-11 weeks
Medical Intensive Care 4-8 weeks
4-6 weeks
6-8 weeks
Emergency Call 1-2 weeks
Night Float
4-8 weeks
Vacation 4 weeks
  • Credentialed Procedures
    Our program trains you in all medical procedures required by the ABIM, as well as additional key competencies we require for graduation, through a standardized credentialing process.

Didactic Program

  • Conferences and Rounds
    Education is the major goal of our residency program. Our innovative curriculum enables you to participate in a variety of conferences that complement the hands-on training you undertake in our rotations.