During this year, you will build on skills developed during the PGY-1 year and develop the ability to supervise and guide PGY-1 residents and medical students.

During your second year, you will work toward increased competence and authority, learning to efficiently manage an inpatient team of medical students and PGY-1 residents. You will develop a variety of patient care skills, including the ability to develop and implement discharge plans for hospitalized patients and future courses of care for ambulatory patients.

You will be assigned to a supervisory position in a critical care unit, on night float or on your internal medicine inpatient unit. In this role, you will be responsible for teaching, management and oversight of medical students and first- and second-year residents.

Core rotations and electives will help to broaden your skill set, as well as your procedural abilities and efficiency. You will continue to cultivate your facility at using research to support diagnoses and treatment plans.

This year includes two to three months in electives. You may use this time to expand your knowledge base in specialty areas, enrich your expertise in certain high-demand areas or design and carry out research.

Clinical Program

Rotation Length
Inpatient Medicine 10-12 weeks
Medical Intensive Care 2-4 weeks
Cardiology 0-2 weeks
Ambulatory 10-11 weeks
Geriatrics 2-4 weeks
Neurology 2 weeks
Palliative Medicine 2 weeks
Specialty Block 2 weeks
Electives 10-12 weeks
Emergency Call 1-3 weeks
Night Float
0-2 weeks
Vacation 4 weeks

Most modules are two weeks long, but range from one to four weeks.

  • Credentialed Procedures
    Our program trains you in all medical procedures required by the ABIM, as well as additional key competencies we require for graduation, through a standardized credentialing process.

Didactic Program

  • Conferences and Rounds
    Education is the major goal of our residency program. Our innovative curriculum enables you to participate in a variety of conferences that complement the hands-on training you undertake in our rotations.