Nuclear Medicine

Gain knowledge into the clinical and research aspects of nuclear medicine.

You will cover the diagnostic, therapeutic, and investigational uses of radionuclides and gain an understanding of important aspects of radiochemistry, computer science and modeling.

Through this elective rotation, you will learn the key techniques and methodology of the major nuclear medicine diagnostic and therapeutic applications. It includes an active clinical and research experience in positron emission tomography (PET).

Topics Covered

  • radiotracers used in different studies and their mechanism of tracer distribution in the body
  • the basic principles of the different scans
  • Planar and SPECT imaging technologies
  • learn to differentiate normal scan patterns and abnormal scan patterns
  • participate in teaching the nuclear medicine technology students and other junior nuclear medicine residents
  • become proficient in the indications/contraindications for all the studies and be able to interpret without much help from the attendings
  • learn how to dictate all the nuclear medicine studies accurately and timely
  • learn how to interpret all the nuclear medicine studies
  • screen all the emergencies, approve if indicated and report all the STAT reports to the provider
  • plan and treat patients for all thyroid problems
  • learn all the radiation safety regulations and follow the ALARA principle
  • learn to perform all the QC and QA of all the instrumentation

Years Taken

  • PGY-2, PGY-3 or PGY-4

Length of Rotation

4 weeks

Clinical Site