Alpha Omega Alpha

The Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences has an active Alpha Omega Alpha chapter.

AOA is a national organization dedicated to supporting academic excellence and perpetuating excellence in the medical profession. No more than one-sixth of the class may be nominated into AOA from any given graduating class.

Academic excellence, as identified by grades during the preclinical years and performance on the first several clerkships of the third year, are used to nominate students in February of the junior year. Additional candidates for AOA nomination are identified around August of the senior year.

An initiation ceremony is held yearly the evening prior to Match Day for the junior AOA members of the next academic year and those elected as senior AOA.

General Criteria for Nomination to AOA

The general criteria includes the number of Dean's letters of commendation and honor points received in required courses over the first three years of medical school. Other achievements and contributions are often considered and include research, school and community service and professionalism.

A minimum of two letters of commendations is required for consideration. Dean's letters are awarded to students at the conclusion of each academic year based on academic performance. Junior AOA is determined in the students third year after the completion of half of the required clerkships. "Honors" grades in these clerkships along with Dean's letters in both years one and two are required for junior year consideration.

Senior AOA is considered after all third year grades are received. Up to one sixth of each class can be nominated and inducted into AOA by the advisory committee, with up to half of this number being nominated and inducted as junior AOA students.