Diversity and Inclusion Fellowship

This fellowship is offered to medical students whose individual life experiences and perspectives will enhance inclusion in our community.

Diverse perspectives and experiences provide richer solutions to the complex challenges of academic medicine. 

A diverse medical student body enhances educational experiences for all students and can ultimately improve health care on a global level.

Further, the University at Buffalo is committed to being fully inclusive and supportive of all students.

Therefore, for the Diversity and Inclusion Fellowship, we seek applicants who:

  • have unique circumstances, skills or talents that will enhance the diversity of the medical school’s scholarly community
  • are deeply committed to a spirit of inclusiveness
  • cultivate a culture of fairness and respect by taking actions such as: helping people overcome health care disparities, serving underserved populations, and working toward social equity and justice

This award is generously supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and funds from the Office of Inclusion and Cultural Enhancement.


Applicants for the fellowship must be accepted as first-year medical students at the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.

Contact Information

If you have questions about the fellowship, please email jacobs-medical-admissions@buffalo.edu

Meet our 2022 Recipients

Kaswana Phiri, Class of 2026

Kaswana Phiri.

Kaswana Phiri

Kaswana Phiri joins the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical sciences looking to bridge the gap between health care providers and medically disadvantaged communities. Kaswana has a vision to foster and build trust between minority communities and medical institutions in efforts to enhance quality of life for all patients. Kaswana has special interest in HIV/AIDS research, and we trust his compassion, affable nature, and deep commitment to serve this overlooked population of patients, will distinguish himself in medicine. His dedication, perseverance and mental fortitude has made a difference in the programs in which he has participated, and we anticipate it will be no different in his learning journey at UB.

Nuuh Sidali, Class of 2026

Nuuh Sidali.

Nuuh Sidali

Nuuh Sidali from Uganda believes in creating an environment that welcomes everyone regardless of their language, religion, race and gender will enable social mobility and prosperity. In his own words “to treat others with dignity and respect mandates that we acknowledge that these communities are built by individuals with unique experiences, and trust that by advocating for their representation, they may address their health and wellness on their own terms.” Widely recognized as a natural mentor by his supporters and peers, Nuuh hopes to travel to schools and showcase the vast opportunities in the health care field available for students and inspire them to exchange doubt for courage.