UB Card

Students need to upload a picture for their UB ID Card before orientation. Your UB Card is your official identification card for the University at Buffalo. After uploading your picture, you will receive a confirmation email. 

Those who upload their picture at least three weeks before orientation will receive their ID card during orientation. Upon pickup, you will be required to show official government issued photo identificiation (driver's license or passports are acceptable).

Those who do not receive their UB ID card during orientation must go to the UB ID Card Office.

You will need your UB Card for the following:

  • building and room access
  • UBIT access
  • library access, both online and in person
  • student identification
  • campus transportation/UB Stampede
  • access to athletic facilities
  • access to sporting events
  • meal plans, dining dollars and campus cash

Complete instructions on what type of photo is acceptable and how to upload your photo online are available on the to the UB Card office website. Please contact the UB Card Office directly with questions.