Resident Ryan Bowe, MD and Sarah Abdelsayed, MD.

“I’m extremely satisfied with our curriculum,” says resident Ryan Bowe (left), shown with faculty member Sarah Abdelsayed, MD. “I like that we train in different settings and can shape our schedule to our career goals.”

We review our curriculum annually to ensure that it strikes the perfect balance of hands-on training and didactics while helping you develop into a well-rounded family physician.

Curriculum by Year

  • PGY-1
    Your first year of residency focuses on hospital-based medicine and lays the foundation for your practice of family medicine.  You will also collaborate on a quality improvement project.
  • PGY-2
    You’ll build on clinical skills developed during the PGY-1 year, use electives to explore areas of interest and collaborate on a quality improvement project.
  • PGY-3
    During your last year of residency, you’ll assume a leadership role while refining your ambulatory care skills and becoming fully prepared for practice.
  • Rotations
    During your rotations, you’ll train with expert physicians in a multitude of clinical settings, acquiring the skills you need to confidently practice in any setting.
  • Conferences and Seminars
    Our conferences and seminars encompass the full spectrum of family medicine topics so you can build a foundation for your practice, advance your skills and stay current on important trends.