Your first year of residency focuses on hospital-based medicine and lays the foundation for your practice of family medicine.  You will also collaborate on a quality improvement project.

Clinical Program

You’ll begin your residency with orientation. During this month-long module, you’ll familiarize yourself with all aspects of our program while receiving the life support certifications needed for practice. You’ll also learn about the operation of your family medicine center, site of your longitudinal training.

Throughout your first year, you’ll spend approximately one to two half-days per week at your family medicine center, depending on your rotations.

With two exceptions — community medicine and endocrinology — your clinical rotations take place in hospital settings.

The majority of your clinical rotations last four weeks. You’ll have three unconsecutive rotations on your family medicine inpatient service totaling 12 weeks. During these rotations, you’ll care for patients from your family medical center who have been admitted to the hospital associated with your training track.

Didactic Program

  • Conferences and Seminars
    Our conferences and seminars encompass the full spectrum of family medicine topics so you can build a foundation for your practice, advance your skills and stay current on important trends.

Teaching Duties

On the family medicine inpatient service, you’ll teach medical students during prerounds and throughout the day.

You’ll supervise them as they conduct patient exams and write progress notes.