Inpatient Pediatrics

During this first-year rotation, you’ll become fully integrated into the care team at one of the country’s leading pediatric hospitals.

Supervised by a senior pediatric resident and pediatric faculty physician, you’ll diagnose and treat common pediatric inpatient conditions.

You’ll learn the nutritional, fluid and electrolyte requirements of hospitalized children as well as the drug choices and dosage calculations for pediatric illnesses and conditions. You’ll also collaborate with pediatric hospitalists and other specialists to provide optimal care for your patients.

Weekly grand rounds organized by pediatric chief residents complement your clinical training.

Techniques Learned

You’ll learn how to perform:

  • lumbar puncture
  • IV access
  • phlebotomy
  • heel stick blood draws
  • pediatric advanced life support
  • wound care
  • urinary tract catheterization

Conditions Seen

You’ll understand the pathophysiology for:

  • inpatient sepsis workups
  • seizure workups
  • malabsorption disorders
  • diarrheal illnesses
  • dehydration
  • asthma exacerbations
  • common hematologic abnormalities
  • pneumonia workups
  • renal insufficiency


5-7 inpatients at a time

Clinical Site

Year Taken


Length of Rotation

4 weeks