Rehabilitation Medicine

Participating in the full scope of rehabilitation care, you’ll collaborate with specialists in the field as you familiarize yourself with different treatment modalities.

During this rotation, you’ll become confident assessing your patients’ response to different treatments and their risk for further injury. Harnessing resources such as physical therapy, pain management and exercise therapy, you’ll determine your patients’ best course of treatment.

Working at the Buffalo VA Medical Center, you’ll see pre- and postoperative patients as well as those rehabilitating from nontraumatic and traumatic injuries.

Techniques Used

You’ll become proficient performing:

  • neurological exams
  • musculoskeletal exams
  • functional assessments

You’ll also learn the basics of prosthesis fitting and management.

Conditions Seen

You’ll learn how to diagnose and treat patients recovering from a variety of conditions, including:

  • stroke
  • heart attack
  • musculoskeletal injuries

Clinical Site

Year Taken


Length of Rotation

2 weeks