Pediatric Emergency Room

Your rotation in the pediatric emergency room gives you the opportunity to work as a first responder in a dedicated pediatric emergency department.

You’ll work with pediatric residents to evaluate, stabilize and manage patients at Oishei Children’s Hospital of Buffalo. You’ll present cases directly to your supervising faculty—either a board-certified pediatric emergency physician or a critical care-trained pediatrician with emergency department experience.

You’ll perform a number of emergency procedures and gain competence delivering neonatal and pediatric advanced life support.

Procedures Learned

You’ll become proficient in the following techniques and procedures:

  • bladder catheterization
  • burn care
  • establishing IV access for administration of fluids, blood or medication
  • foreign body removal from ears, nose and skin
  • laceration repair (including suturing and stapling)
  • wound debridement

You’ll understand the indications for, and the management of, lumbar punctures, nasal packing for epistaxis and intraosseous infusion.

Conditions Seen

You’ll learn how to diagnose and treat patients with conditions including:

  • allergic reactions
  • asthma exacerbation
  • concussions
  • dehydration
  • failure to thrive
  • fever of unknown origin
  • foreign body aspiration/ingestion
  • fractures
  • gastrointestinal system conditions (malabsorption, obstruction, diarrhea, bleeding)
  • hyperbilirubinemia
  • injuries related to physical or sexual abuse
  • intussusception
  • poisoning and toxicity
  • rickettsial infections
  • seizures
  • sepsis
  • upper respiratory tract infections with respiratory distress/hypoxia
  • urinary tract infections
  • viral exanthems

Clinical Site

Year Taken


Length of Rotation

4 weeks