Seminars and Conferences

Seminars and conferences provide additional opportunities for learning and networking.

Ongoing Seminars

Preventive Medicine Seminar

This weekly seminar covers a broad range of topics in preventive medicine and managerial medicine, including public health law and ethics. The subject matter complements the material covered in courses and other program experiences. Board review sessions are also held to enhance preparation for the certifying examination of the American Board of Preventive Medicine. Attendance is required for all residents.

Preventive Medicine Journal Club

Monthly sessions are dedicated to reviewing relevant journal articles.

Weekly Epidemiology and Environmental Health Conferences

Departmental seminars are held September-May and are required for all graduate students in the MS in epidemiology program, including residents.

Weekly Public Health Seminar

Attendance at a weekly seminar for all MPH students is required for those residents enrolled in an MPH concentration.

Local, Regional and National Conferences

During your final year of training, the program will provide financial support for you to attend a national meeting or conference (selection is subject to the program director’s approval).

You will also be encouraged to attend local or regional conferences on topics pertinent to preventive medicine (subject to the program director’s approval). Financial support for these conferences may be available if you are making a presentation.

Throughout the program, you will be encouraged to prepare reports about your scholarly activities for publication or presentation. A highlight each year is the Scholarly Exchange Day, a poster presentation and competition sponsored by the UB Office of Graduate Medical Education. You will have the opportunity to showcase your research work along with other residents and fellows.