Resident Hour

We’ll help you review basic science topics and prepare for the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons’ Orthopaedics In-Training Exam (OITE).

Our resident hour is a meeting that helps ready you for the OITE, the test — given to all orthopaedic surgery residents in the United States — that’s a tool for evaluating residents’ levels of knowledge throughout training and measuring the quality of a program’s teaching.

The OITE consists of questions representing the spectrum of clinical orthopaedics, related clinical disciplines and basic science related to orthopaedics. 

During our resident hour meeting, you can expect to study OITE questions from previous years. We’ll assign you to look up cited references and lead discussion with our attending physician.

Study Basic Science

Possessing strong knowledge of basic science is a significant part of being a competent orthopaedic surgeon, and the basic science domain of the OITE constitutes a substantial portion of the exam. Therefore, we feel it’s important to incorporate in-depth basic science exposure into your training.

To facilitate discussions in resident hour, we’ll assign you to prepare outlines on basic science topics. The outlines will be placed in booklets — designed for OITE and board review — that we’ll distribute to all residents when complete.

We’ll quiz you at the beginning of each session, and we’ll give prizes at the end of the year to the resident with the highest score. When possible, we’ll correlate topics in resident hour with the topics covered in grand rounds.