Sports Medicine Conference

As a resident in our program, you have the option to attend meetings that deepen your understanding about topics related to sports medicine.

Our weekly morning lectures familiarize you with sports-medicine knowledge that’s essential to your practice. The conferences have focused on a wide range of topics, including:

  • sports injuries of the ankle
  • blunt abdominal trauma
  • eye injuries
  • facial and dental injuries
  • pediatric sports lower and upper extremity
  • injury prevention
  • sports injuries of the foot and toes
  • muscle strains
  • heat-related illness
  • mild traumatic brain injury
  • sideline catastrophic injury planning
  • thoracolumbar spine athletic problems 
  • sports nutrition and supplements
  • dermatologic problems in athletes

Our lectures are given by nationally and internationally recognized guest speakers as well as attending physicians and fellows in our orthopaedic sports medicine fellowship.

Trainees in our program have found that interacting with such a variety of professionals and experts affords a rich networking experience.