Community Psychiatry

This experience increases your understanding of cultural issues and how to meet the challenges of providing psychiatric care in the community.

You will learn about the theoretical and historical backgrounds of community psychiatry, how cultural and ethnic factors influence mental illness’ presentation and course, and what therapeutic resources are available to patients in the local community, especially those with severe mental illnesses.

These topics will support your effective treatment of patients from diverse backgrounds and your consultations to community mental health workers. You will also help determine appropriate therapeutic interventions and monitor needs for patients in community treatment.

Your experience with community psychiatry is provided through your outpatient and emergency psychiatry rotations, as well as through electives, didactic modules, lectures, journal club meetings and the department’s book and movie club.

Year Taken

PGY-2, PGY-3 or PGY-4

Length of Rotation

One month full-time equivalent


Caseload varies according to the patients you see in the rotation(s) where you fulfill this requirement.

Clinical Sites

The requirement is met during the outpatient and emergency psychiatry rotations.