Sleep Disorders Research

Sleep medicine fellow Madhat Arnouk, MD, and Eric Ten Brock, MD.

Madhat Arnouk, MD, a sleep medicine fellow, and Eric Ten Brock, MD, address concepts and questions that are critically important to the treatment of sleep disorders.

We conduct sleep studies and research on all major sleep disorders and uses sleep research to pursue new knowledge that improves sleep-wake health.

Our comprehensive sleep studies center, part of our division at the Buffalo VA Medical Center, includes a six-bed overnight sleep study unit, as well as resources for home sleep studies and multiple sleep latency tests.

Our faculty at this center have research interests that include:

  • neurocognitive effects of sleep disorders
  • predictive models of sleep apnea
  • immunologic aspects of sleep apnea
  • the role of inflammation in obstructive sleep apnea
  • compliance with continuous positive airway pressure in sleep apnea
  • the effect of sleep apnea on postoperative and endoscopy complications

We recruit patients with sleep disorders from outpatient clinics at the Buffalo VA Medical Center and our Sleep & Wellness Center site, a community-based sleep center.


Eighth floor, B wing
Buffalo VA Medical Center


El Solh, Ali

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