Nuclear Medicine

Learn the fundamentals of using radionuclide imaging to diagnose renal diseases and medical conditions.

Our nuclear medicine elective helps equip you with interpretative skills in renal imaging. 

We'll familiarize you with the interpretation of radiological studies, and we'll expose you to diagnostic imaging modalities as well as therapeutic and interventional maneuvers to evaluate:

  • kidney disease
  • the genitourinary tract
  • renal vasculature
  • vascular access

You can expect to become familiar with the process of using renal nuclear medicine scans to diagnose certain kidney diseases, and you'll learn about using this diagnostic tool to see the anatomy and function of the kidneys. 

Our seasoned faculty will guide you as you review X-ray files and interpret current radiological studies.

Years Taken

Take one module in year 1 or year 2.

Patient Population

This elective is focused on imaging; you will not see patients.

Clinical Sites