Research skills are a key component of a successful clinical practice and academic career. As a fellow in our program, you can maximize these skills by embarking on our research elective. 

Our research elective exposes you to basic, clinical or translational research and prepares you to apply new research to clinical practice.

Our faculty members — who conduct research in a variety of areas and publish in leading academic journals — will help you learn sound methodology in designing and performing research studies and clinical trials.

We’ll guide you through the process of correctly interpreting and synthesizing research data, and we’ll help you learn about biostatistics that enable you to interpret published literature and apply it to your clinical practice.

Our faculty conduct research supported by funding from an assortment of sources; we’ll acquaint you with the process of finding financial support for studies.

In-Depth Experience With Clinical Trials

Our faculty design and run clinical trials, and as a fellow in our program, you’ll conduct research and gain the professional experience you need to lead future trials.

Your research mentor will guide you through the basic elements of proper clinical trial design, including identification of target populations, statistical power and proper statistical tools.

You’ll learn to manage patients on clinical trials, assess and report responses and adverse events appropriately, acquire the necessary baseline studies and write treatment orders as directed in protocol.

We’ll provide you with opportunities to help design research protocols, obtain regulatory approval for trials, enroll patients, perform data analysis, write manuscripts and make formal presentations of data you collect.

Additionally, as you embark on our research elective, you can expect to:

  • better understand the purposes, goals and characteristics of different clinical trial phases 
  • appreciate the Institution Review Board’s function and the purpose of other regulatory bodies that oversee clinical investigations
  • become familiar with informed consent documents 
  • understand the ethics related to conducting clinical trials, including issues of industry sponsorship and conflicts of interest 

Years Taken

Take 1-3 modules in year 2.

Research Sites